Westgate, Bridgnorth



The proposal is to demolish the former Council offices and the Police Station to provide a new suburban residential development scheme. The proposal is for 40 residential units of mixed typology including apartments, semi-detached and detached houses consisting of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with associated parking, front and rearing gardens and communal green space.

The position of the new dwellings were carefully chosen to preserve as much of the existing mature planting and trees as possible south of Wenlock Road.
The new entry proposal opens up new vistas down the newly created avenue and gives a new framed view of the new proposed houses.

Sensitive yet bold, traditional by the use of the vernacular pitched and gable roofs similar to the surrounding residential area, yet contemporary, the design seeks to celebrate being part of the wider area, whilst having its own confident and contemporary architectural language.

The proposed design responds to the existing townscape and comes with the desire to create an exciting, dynamic and modern design that we hope will result in a wonderful marriage between the old and the new. This site demands the highest quality of design and place-making for this rare development opportunity.





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