Cannan Lane, Edinburgh

cannan lane


Cannan Lane, Edinburgh
Cannan Lane, Edinburgh

This truly unique site at Cannan Lane offers a rare opportunity to develop a high-quality, high-value City Centre living in the heart of Morningside – one of Edinburgh’s most sought-after and exclusive areas within the Capital.

An exquisitely designed piece of design, both inside and out is essential on this precious site and in reply to this, we have proposed a rare urban jewel for both residents and neighbours of Morningside to enjoy.Your Urban Jewel, for the city to enjoy, respects the surrounding traditional neighbouring tenemental design and provides two unique commercial units at the ground floor level and 6 luxurious two-bedroom apartments on the upper three levels.

The design on the upper apartment levels plays with the geometry of the traditional bay windows which fold out and turn in – seamed at the corners they allow light to flood into the living area as well as provide additional views up and down Canaan Lane and glimpses to the ‘hustle and bustle’ of Morningside Road. The front bay windows are wrapped in Tecu Gold cladding – a copper alloy with a long-lasting warm, golden brown surface – a truly stunning effect that complements the neighbouring blonde textured sandstone.It then wraps around and into the side gable before stitching into a vertical window slot. The side gable continues with block sandstone, in keeping with the neighbouring traditional villas and tenements.

The Jewel on Canaan Lane provides that all-required grand tenemental finish to the end block before the street breaks into Victorian villas and 1960’s apartments. at







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